“I was a good Catholic kid growing up…until I got caught drinking the priest’s wine.” – Sergio Senetore, Misfit

That’s right, we just used ‘prince’ as a verb. How To Prince. Sergio Senatore will teach you with his class, style and generosity. But not everyone is invited, CULT: It’s Not A Following is Sergio’s latest hospitality brand is curated. People, venues, talent and entertainment. These are all areas Sergio excels in as a nightlife maverick. But it’s his roots that explain who Sergio is. His family values growing up.  It shows in how he speaks to people, with respect.  More on this misfit on CHANNEL8.


CHANNEL8 is an original content brand, official media outlet and production company. A storyteller that is as valuable as its content and products behind it.

No longer is the producer a white-labeled company producing content for third-party networks and brands. No, CHANNEL8 is as valuable as the content, brands and spokespeople it features. A brand that values content not only by its picture but by its voice. CHANNEL8 is The Voice of Independence.

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Kalen Lewis Hayman is no stranger to the content game. Hayman has been shooting and producing content for a range of networks and national brands since 2007. His passion ignited a decade prior as a music photographer growing up in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Being cast on reality television and exposure to production at an even earlier age influenced Kalen's future. He continues to challenge himself by harnessing truth, voice and honesty in his work. CHANNEL8 reflects Hayman's values as a content creator and entrepreneur. He also loves meeting new people, drinking coffee, listening to new music and watching independent films.