This platinum blonde media maven navigates fashion, beauty and culture with inspiring friends and a competitive edge.

You notice when Jacqueline Kendall enters a room.  Her hair alone has always been “bold and unforgettable” as she puts it.  We first met Jacqueline with hair tinted in a deep red wine colour.  She was likely dressed in a faux-fur vest and big sunglasses on.  Stop the show, the talent has arrived!  Roll out the red carpet.  This is not a costume, this is how Jacqueline rolls. She is the Head of Marketing and Communications at St. Joseph Communications, Media Group.

St. Joseph is the the third largest media conglomerate in Canada.  An engine that runs a number of media properties like Toronto Life and FASHION Magazine while servicing a range of clients such as the LCBO, Birks and Joe Fresh.  Everything from publishing, content production and advertising, St. Joseph Communications is a force to be reckoned with, just like Jacqueline.  A powerhouse of tenacity, experience and commitment to her company, clients, friends and colleagues alike.

Being surrounded by likeminded people who are all killing it in their industries is an exciting place to be.  I’m inspired by my friends.”

At the same time Ms. Kendall also recognizes how lucky she is to be employed in an ever-changing digital-media landscape.  “I have a lot of friends who have lost their jobs over the years in this industry”.  With monster conglomerates like Bell, Rogers, Corus and St. Joseph Communications buying up new properties every year, it becomes difficult to hold long-standing career positions.  But Jacqueline has been a connecting force between many fashion brands and media properties.

After living and working in New York City, twice, Kendall built her arsenal of skills and experience only to return and call Toronto home.  Passionate about her trade, Jack’s earning a graduate degree from her alma mater University of Toronto to further understand the nuances of content marketing and digital strategy.

What makes Jacqueline special is her power to communicate and connect people.  Yes she has held down a impressive career and a roster of client brands but it’s her personality and lasting impression that makes her unique.  Her spirit, smile and beautiful laugh that makes her unforgettable.  And yes her hair and wardrobe play into it too.  If you don’t know her already, she’s the one in the room you’re asking “who is that woman?”  Well, now you know and won’t forget.  You’re welcome.

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Video, photography and words by Kalen Hayman, founder CH8TV and CHANNEL8 Productions.

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